Triple World Record

People of Determination and former Special Forces veterans from across the world are coming together with Team C.L.A.W. to create the Triple Elemental ‘Adaptive’ World Records – Land, Air and Water.

The path to success is to take massive, determined actions


Streamlined organisation of stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness


Streamlined organisation of stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness


Streamlined organisation of stakeholders to enhance the effectiveness


People of determination can be powerful game-changers in many fields – Corporates, Government processes, SMEs, etc. They possess a certain strength, resilience and spirit which is borne from the loss of physical mobility and the consequent daily challenges experienced in an effort to lead independent lives, with dignity. This gives them a formidable psychological advantage. If their abilities are harnessed through a suitably adapted work environment, People with Determination have the ability to inspire and deliver immense productivity to the systems they are introduced into.

Through ‘Operation Blue Freedom – Triple Elemental World Records’, we are committed to showcasing the ‘abilities’ of People of Determination to achieve the following objectives

  • Creation of ‘large scale Employment’ opportunities worldwide for People of Determination, across a wide spectrum of sectors
  • Empowerment of People of Determination by changing the perception of society towards their employability
  • Inspire large corporates and SMEs to create ‘accessible working environments’ within their domains with the aim to suitably harnessing the immense productive potential of People of Determination
  • True Inclusion – To create new and significant avenues for the inclusion of People of Determination in the mainstream of society and the nation-building process by psychologically positioning them as ‘Inspirational Leaders’ for society at large to emulate.
  • Promote ‘Active Rehabilitation’ through Adventure activities and skill development. (Scuba Diving and other sports have been medically proven to have physical and psychological advantages for People of Determination suffering from PTSD and physical impairment)
  • Implementation of Government Policies and Reforms to make public infrastructure accessible and encourage the employment of People of Determination in government and private sector enterprises
  • Creation of a global network of specialised ‘Rehabilitation and Skilling Centres’ for People of Determination

This is just the beginning