Operation Blue Freedom

A team of Special Forces veterans and humans shouldering disabilities, conquering the elements to realise the meaning of the word Freedom. We are not victims of the elements…we are the elements

* People with disabilities only,

SCUBA Diving in Lakshadweep

The Disability problem

Globally there are 1 billion people with disabilities, which is 15% of the global population.

They face a lack of holistic rehabilitation, inadequate skilling, lack of seamless mobility and lack of suitable employment. These factors combined together largely confined persons with disabilities to their homes, leading to inaccurate awareness on their issues and wrong perceptions about their abilities. Thus, their productive potential is largely untapped leading to global exclusion from mainstream life.

The path to success is to take massive, determined actions

The Solution

  • Physiological
  • Psychological
  • Life Skills
  • Digital Life Accessibility
  • Employable Skills – Occupational Therapy
  • Employment Enabling Adaptive Ecosystems
    • Products & Services – Advanced Prosthetics +
      Tailored Digital Solutions
    • Adaptive Infrastructure
    • Global Ability Network
  • Healing – Physical and Emotional / Active Rehabilitation
  • Visibility in the mainstream of life – Bringing disability out of the closet
  • True Awareness leading to Perception Change of Non-Disabled persons
  • True Inclusion

Harness the immense productive potential of persons with disabilities and direct their contribution towards growth of our global economy.

Bringing disability out of the closet

  • To create new and significant avenues for the inclusion of persons shouldering disabilities, in the mainstream of life and our nation-building process by positioning them as ‘Inspirational Leaders’ for society at large to emulate.
  • Joint Awareness Programmes – Training and Outdoor Activities comprising of a mixed group of persons with
    disabilities and non-disabled people
  • Recast common perceptions of pity, charity and inability associated with ‘people with disabilities’, with a perception of dignity, freedom and ability
  • Changing the global narrative by focusing on the ‘abilities’ of people with disabilities. “Shift the perception of society onto focussing on what a human being can do rather than on what he or she can’t”
  • Special Forces veterans and persons shouldering disabilities merging in action
  • Participants, supporters and volunteers across nationalities, religion, culture, colour and ability, uniting to project the power of self-belief and collective effort
  • Adventure activities (Scuba Diving and other sports have been medically proven to have tremendous physical and psychological advantages for persons shouldering disabilities, especially for those suffering from PTSD, depression and physical impairment).
  • Life Skills – Self Protection, Emergency Med Response & Survival skills

‘Accessible Perfomance Environments’ – Facilitate the creation of suitably adapted employment ecosystems for easy access for people with disabilities.

Through financial independence powered by Adaptive Perfomance Environments (APEs) powered by global perception change

The Story

‘Operation Blue Freedom’ was launched in 2019 by Team C.L.A.W – A team of Indian Special Forces veterans, set upon a global mission to shatter the common perception of pity, charity and inability associated with people with disabilities and recreate it to one of dignity, freedom and ability.

Team C.L.A.W travelled across India and trained more than 100 people in ‘Rehabilitative SCUBA Diving’.

Through this journey, the team’s vision expanded to address the entire spectrum of issues faced by people with disabilities.

Team C.L.AW is in the process of setting up centres across the globe where-in Special Forces Veterans and People with Disabilities are merging in action for creating a better life experience, for not only persons with disability but the non-disabled as well.

CLAW Scuba

Triple World Record

People of Determination and former Special Forces veterans from across the world are coming together with Team C.L.A.W. to create the Triple Elemental ‘Adaptive’ World Records – Land, Air and Water.

Operation Blue Freedom - Land


Largest team of People with Disabilities to climb the world’s highest ‘Battlefield’ – Siachen Glacier, India


Adaptive Scuba Diving – World’s Largest SCUBA Occupational Therapy and skill training programme for people with disabilities. – Lakshadweep

Operation Blue Freedom - Water
Operation Blue Freedom - Air


Largest team of People with Disabilities to Skydive (Accelerated Free Fall)