3-day Lifeskill & Mindset Training led by Special Forces 

At CLAW Global, we believe that the most profound journeys are those that transform not only the way we perceive ourselves but also how we navigate life’s challenges. Our GRIT Training Programme is not just a course; it’s an adventure that will push your limits, expand your horizons, and equip you with the physical and mental resilience needed to conquer oneself. Our program is designed and curated to impart essential life skills along with physical fitness and mental strength training. It’s about understanding that only a sound body can truly carry a sound mind. Our community of participants is a diverse group of individuals seeking personal growth, physical and mental empowerment, and a deeper understanding of their own potential. Through this program, you’ll not only develop new skills and gain valuable knowledge but also form connections and friendships that last a lifetime. The bonds forged during our training endure long after the campfire has burned out.

Training Highlights

Survival Techniques

A dive into survival essentials - food, water, shelter, along with knowledge and skills required for wilderness survival.

Unarmed Combat

Empowering students with self-defence techniques including footsteps, hand punches, attack & defence strategies.

Emergency First Response

Equipping students with crucial first aid skills, CPR, first aid kit preparation, and proficiency in handling emergency situations like burns, choking, bleeding, and fractures.


Developing crucial navigational skills, position finding, and point-to-point marching abilities.

Fostering holistic development through team-building activities, camping skills, and yoga-heartfulness sessions.

Night Campfire
Cultivating self-awareness, belief, reliance, adaptability, efficiency, and harmony through shared life experiences from Special Forces veterans around the night campfire.

Artifact Rock Climbing
Introducing mountain gear, ropes, rappelling, knots, and hitches, while emphasizing safety, self-reliance, and confidence in Artifact Rock Climbing.

Prior Skills and Knowledge

The course is designed for a person without any prior knowledge or training in the above mentioned skill sets. It is designed to give an introduction to these knowledge domains and does not delve into academic rigour.

Items to carry Lothing

–Tracksuit – 1 pair

–Trekking trouser – 1

– Training shorts – 1

– Full sleeve t-shirt – 2

– Half sleeve t-shirt – 2

– Warm clothing for night as required


– Running shoes – 1 pair

– Cotton socks – 3 pair

Personal kit:

– Diary, pen, and toiletries as required


- CLAW Camp, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Pre-Course Preparations

Weather in Dehradun will be sunny and warm during the day with temperature falling to 10 degree Celsius at night.


Post-Course Preparations

  • Further learning pathways 
  • Continues Practice Modalities
  • Access to a closed group of peer learners

Programme Benefits

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills
Through hands-on survival tactics, map reading, and outdoor education, students develop creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Confidence and Resilience
By mastering emergency first response and basic unarmed combat, students gain confidence in handling unforeseen situations with poise.

Adaptability and Navigation
Understanding navigation techniques not only aids in geographical awareness but also cultivates adaptability and resourcefulness.

Leadership and Team Building
Engaging activities in this programme instill teamwork, leadership, and effective communication among participants.

Training Fee

₹ 21,000/- (INCLUDES 18% GST) 

Fee includes: Training, Gear & Equipment, Adventure camping, Curated diet, Lodging & Boarding

Meet Your Instructor



Having served in the Special Forces for over two decades, Meen Bahadur Thapa brings his invaluable life skills to share with the youth.

With his extensive military experience, Meen is highly skilled in mobilizing resources and planning operations.

He’s also highly skilled in unarmed combat, boxing & Martial arts.


The fee includes Training, Gear & Equipment. Adventure camping, Curated diet, Lodging & Boarding of the participant for a period of 03 days & 04 nights.

The training program is open for all. Ideally the participant should be physically and medically fit and should be able to perform the activities mentioned in the training module.

Participants will be staying in twin shared units in Jungle resort for 03 nights and in twin shared tents in Jungle Camp for 01 night.

The difficulty level will be gradually increased from easy to moderate over the training period It is an experiential training program where the participant will be challenged and taught to efficiently operate outside their comfort zone.

'Special Forces’ is an instinct. Every human being has it. It operates from a mind space where faith, self-realization, skill, brotherhood, ability and freedom, are, all rolled into love as the driving factors of focused thought and effective action.