Your privacy is very important to us. Please carefully read below to see how Conquer Land Air Water Global Adventures, LLP (limited liability partnership registered under Indian Law) and its branch offices/group companies (collectively “CLAW Global”) handles information prior to giving your express consent.

You are providing consent to each of the following items.

  • Personal Information: I understand that CLAW Global will be collecting my personal information as part of participation (even for screening of participants), including name, nationality, image, address, communication details, health information, and other personally identifying and health related information (“personal information”). 
  • Requirement: I understand CLAW Global is using the personal information in order to: make sure the participant is eligible and can participate safely; run trainings and events; share event outcome (including on CLAW Global’s web portal, news media and other public forums); analyze data for the purpose of identifying and responding to the needs of CLAW Global’s participants; perform quality assurance, testing, and other related activities; and provide event-related services. 
  • Disclosure of personal information: I understand CLAW Global may disclose personal information with (i) medical professionals for screening, review and in an emergency, and (ii) Maldivian Government, government authorities of countries relating to citizenship/residence of participant, travel and lodging partners for the purpose of participation in Operation Blue Freedom including for any visas required for international travel to Maldives and for any other purpose necessary to protect public safety, respond to government requests, and report information as required by law. 
  • Trans-border Data Flow: I understand CLAW Global is an organization with global outreach. I acknowledge that the personal information may be stored and processed in countries outside my country of residence. Such countries may not have the same level of personal data protection as my country of residence. 
  • Likeness: I authorize CLAW Global, Government of Maldives (including government departments and agencies involved with Operation Blue Freedom), partners, sponsors, media partners, ambassadors, coordinators and other entities involved with Operation Blue Freedom to use my likeness, photo, video, name (including nick names), voice, words, biographical information, disability information, actual and/or paraphrased statements, to promote CLAW Global, Operation Blue Freedom, Government of Maldives and raise funds for CLAW Global/Operation Blue Freedom. 
  • Emergency Care: I authorize CLAW Global to seek medical care for me in case of emergency at any stage of participation in the Operation Blue Freedom.
  • Terms and Conditions of Operation Blue Freedom: I understand and agree that the terms and conditions for participation in Operation Blue Freedom shall be provided on this portal, and my participation is subject to my acceptance of such terms and conditions. The participants’ personal information will only be stored as long as it is needed for purposes described in this form and the terms and conditions for participation in Operation Blue Freedom. 
  • No Guaranteed Participation: The submission of this consent form or any other forms does not guarantee participation in Operation Blue Freedom and Claw Global has the sole discretion to shortlist and confirm the participants.
  • Privacy Policy: Personal information may be used and shared consistent with the privacy policy. Please see the privacy policy here. I confirm that I have read the privacy policy and have no objections in relation thereto.

The participant has the right to ask to correct, delete and restrict the processing of the personal information by sending us an email at our contact details provided in privacy policy page of Claw Global’s website. The consent form will be submitted and participant can proceed for completion of further requirements only once consent to each of the consent items specified above are furnished. Please reach out to us by sending us an email at our contact details provided in this website in case of any doubts/issues regarding this consent form/our privacy policy including any part thereof.