Our Vision

To provide ‘Full Spectrum Rehabilitation’ to include skilling and further gainful employment of every person shouldering disability on planet earth, through cutting edge research and creation of appropriate enabling ecosystems.

‘Special Forces’ is an instinct. Every human being has it. It operates from a mind space where faith, self-realization, skill, brotherhood, ability and freedom, are, all rolled into love as the driving factors of focused thought and effective action. 


Over time, it develops into a razor-sharp ‘Survive, Stabilize and Thrive’ mindset by enduring life’s extreme challenges, repeatedly, by chance or by choice.

Eventually realising that you can conquer. Anything. People who live on the cutting edges of humanity operate from this mindset. In this case, people with disabilities, the veterans and skilled people and visionaries from across the world who are coming together to make this dream project a powerful reality.

Conquer Land Air Water


our Special Forces background


Earth, our home


from the idea of ‘disability’

‘Operation Blue Freedom’ was launched in 2019 by Team C.L.A.W – A team of Indian Special Forces veterans, set upon a global mission to shatter the common perception of pity, charity and inability associated with people with disabilities and recreate it to one of dignity, freedom and ability.

Team C.L.AW is in the process of setting up centres across the globe where-in Special Forces Veterans and People with Disabilities are merging in action for creating a better life experience, for not only persons with disability but the non-disabled as well.

Operation Blue Freedom Mumbai